We will be using an ipad app called "screenchomp" to review 1st semester material from class. Your group will be assigned either chapter 1,2,3A,3B,4,10, or transformations to cover in your chomp.

Your task is to come up with 3 problems that are good review problems from your assigned chapter and create up to 3 chomp videos.
  • Look through the textbook and write down the main concepts that were covered in your chapter. Be very detailed and create an outline.
  • Create three problems that you believe are good review problems for the semester exam.
  • Record your problem using screenchomp, scroll down and provide the solution. 
  • Once you are finished with your video, copy the link here: CHOMPFORM.
  • Tonight, go home and watch videos here: SEMESTER REVIEW VIDEOS
Helpful Hints for using screenchomp: 
  • Write on screen chomp before you start recording.
  • You allowed to insert a picture into screenchomp before you start recording (only one picture is allowed).
  • Screenchomp whiteboard space is limited, so plan your video accordingly.
  • Scroll down on the screen by flicking the page down with two fingers.