Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry Honors




Welcome to Trig Analyt! The following information will help you understand how this course is organized, how you will be evaluated, and how you can be successful in this class.

Course Topics

We will spend the first third of the year covering functions including linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic ones.  You'll remember you touched on some of these topics last year so, yes, there will be some review. The second third of the year will be spent on Trigonometry.  You were exposed to the Sine, Cosine and Tangent functions last year as they related to a right triangle.  We'll expand greatly upon this and eventually see how trig functions can be used to model everyday motion such as riding on a Ferris Wheel.  Finally, the last third of the year will be spent on Analytic Geometry and Statistics.  In case you hadn't guessed, this will be a challenging, rigorous course, but with hard work and perseverance, you can be successful. 

Needs for class

Binder/Notebook to keep notes and keep handouts.   

A calculator is mandatory for this class.  The officially recommended model by the Gunn Math Department is the TI-84 Plus or Nspire CX CAS by Texas Instruments.  We'll be using the calculator from the first day of class.  Other calculators are probably OK (check with me) but my lessons will use the 84 Plus and the Nspire CX CAS. 


Grades will reflect the points you accumulate in each of the following categories during the quarter/semester.  The approximate breakdown is as follows:

                                    Tests                                                   55%

                                    Quizzes                                               15%

                                    Homework                                          15%

                                    Final Exam                                          15%

Each test is worth 100 points and each quiz is approximately 30 points.

Letter grades are assigned on the usual scale:  A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, D 60-69, F 59 and below.  Plusses and Minuses are the top and bottom 3% of each letter range.


Homework is a significant part of your learning.  You should expect homework assigned every night and most weekends (with exceptions).  All assignments must be done in pencil, and you must show all of your work for full credit!  NO CREDIT will be given for a list of answers. Assignments will be graded to reflect accuracy, effort, and completeness. Homework will not be accepted after the completion of the chapter.

**Please label each homework assignment with page numbers and problem numbers**

Homework will be collected at the end of each chapter on the day of the test. They should be stapled together in order with the assignment sheet on top.  Each homework assignment is worth 2 points each.  To receive full credit, you must have attempted and shown your work on ALL the assigned problems.  If you don't understand a problem, refer to your class notes and examples from the chapter. 


·         Illness:  You must email me on the day you’re you are ill. You are responsible for checking the website, learning the material, and if needed finding a time to meet with me to ask questions.

·         Other absences (field trips, sports, vacation, religious holiday):  For these types of absences, please notify me either in person or by e-mail.  It is your responsibility to make up the material you will be missing in class. 

·         Make up Tests/Quizzes: If you are absent on the day of the test/quiz, you must email me that day to determine the make up date.

**If you are absent the day of a chapter review, you are not allowed an extra day to prepare for the test.

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Please turn off or cell phones and mobile devices before class starts.

Extra Help

I will be available during some lunch periods and by appointment.

Posting Grades

Grades will be posted after every major test on Infinite Campus.