AP Statistics 2013-2014

Rajeev Virmani 

  Policies & Expectations

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Welcome to AP Statistics! The following information will provide details about the course structure, assessments, and how you can be successful in this class.

Course objective:

The statistics part of this course is approximately equivalent to a one-semester college course in statistics at a major university. AP credit that is earned is usually for one semester or possibly two quarters. The course will cover exploratory data analysis, experimental design, random variables, probability and inferential statistics.  The course relates the formal mathematical content to the real world, through the study of applications and the use of authentic data sets. We will explore probability primarily through a series of experiments and simulations. This course, in addition to your hard work, should be excellent preparation for the AP Statistics exam offered in May.


Grades will reflect the points you accumulate in each of the following categories during the semester.  The approximate breakdown is as follows:

12.5% Homework (optional)*

2.5%  In class FRAPs /AP Homework **               

15% Projects

55% Tests and Quizzes

15% Final Exam

Letter grades are assigned on the usual scale:  A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79, D 60-69, F 59 and below.  Plusses and minuses are the top and bottom 3% of each letter range. Grades can be accessed through Infinite Campus.

* Homework option is to allow students to decide on the usefulness of completing daily homework assignments. Students must decide if they want homework included in final grade by the end of Chapter 1. Students who choose not do to homework for a grade are encouraged to do assignments at their own pace.  **FRAPs and AP homework will not be optional.


We will have a test or a quiz every 2 weeks in this class. You will be able to drop the lowest test score for the first semester. If you know that you will miss a test, you must take it BEFORE the test date. Please have a conversation with me at least 3 days before the test date. If you end up missing a test, that test will be the one that is dropped. Please talk to me if you have any concerns. 

If you are absent the day of a chapter review, you are not allowed an extra day to prepare for the test.

If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get the notes/activities from that day. All of my notes are posted on my website.


FRAP is short for Free Response AP. At the end of each chapter you will be given a FRAP question from previous AP exams to be completed in class. Your response will be graded and recorded for accuracy based on AP grading scale.


A calendar outlining the topics and assignments for each chapter will be posted on the website. Assignments are assigned each  day and are due in a packet at the end of each chapter.  A homework packet is to be stapled with assignment sheet on the top.  Each homework assignment is worth 2 points. To receive full credit, you must have attempted and shown your work on ALL the assigned problems.  If you don't understand a problem, refer to your class notes and examples from the chapter. 

AP Statistics test: Friday, May 9th, 2012

I expect that everyone that is in AP Statistics to take the AP test, but it is not a requirement. Please talk to me if plan on not taking the AP test. **There is a make-up AP Statistics test if there is conflict. Please talk to me about this option.


You will need a graphing calculator with good statistical functions on a DAILY basis. The TI-84 or TI Nspire CX CAS  are the calculators that I will use in class. If you have a different calculator you are responsible for learning the appropriate operations (the book has good tutorials for TI 83/84 and 89). There will be some computer work using the statistical software FATHOM.


There will be four group projects, one in each quarter of the year. The first will emphasize exploratory data analysis, the second will be a survey, and the third will involve designing an experiment to test a hypothesis. There will be a fourth project assigned after the AP on a statistics topic of your choice. You will be graded by both the teacher as well as your peers.

Academic honesty:

From the student handbook, "cheating is taking (or lending) at inappropriate times a person’s work, information, ideas, research, and documentation, without properly identifying the originator." This not only includes exams, but also extends into homework assignments, projects, and any work turned in as your own.  I trust that all work you submit is original, and you did not take any action that would be deemed inappropriate in order to complete the assignment.  Please feel free to speak with me for further clarification.

Posting grades

Depending on the capability of Infinite Campus, grades will be posted after every major test.

Cell phones and mobile devices:

Please turn them off, or place your phone on silent before you enter the classroom.

Extra help:

I strongly encourage you to ask for help promptly and consistently when you need it.   I want you to do well in the class!  So, PLEASE, come see me if you need more help.  I am available for additional help:                   

- Tuesday tutorial

- By appointment