Project Overview

The Essential Question   
Can students effectively develop online Algebra tutorials that model real-world functions?

Students will collaborate in groups and develop tutorials about a major Algebraic function. The project’s aim is for students to gain mastery of various functions- linear, quadratic, and exponential. The final project will be created using a multimedia applications and will be available online resource for all students. Projects can be viewed as a guest on class website (InClass).

The project will encourage creativity and collaboration, use of technology, and promote understanding of Algebra concepts and their relation to the real-world. The project meets many California and NCTM standards (Standards).

The goal of the project is for students to learn about Algebraic funtions through group collaboration and to produce a presentation of the function modeled in a real-world. Students will learn to develop a 5-7 minute presentation that uses mathematical concepts to model real-world examples with multimedia applications.